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Sitecore Rock’s Query Analyzer handy queries

By on November 28, 2012 in Sitecore, Sitecore Rocks, Tips and Tricks with 11 Comments

Hi there,

Tonight I was busy with Sitecore Rock’s Query Analyzer identifying a wrongly configured item. I thought I should share a couple of handy queries to quickly identify certain items.

Identify which sublayouts have the Datasource Location filled:

select @@name, @#Datasource Location# from /#sitecore#/#layout#/#Sublayouts#//* order by #Datasource Location# desc

Identify which template fields use the ‘query:’ statement in the source:

select @@name, @Source from /sitecore/templates/#User Defined#//*[contains(@Source, ‘query:’)]  order by Source desc

Identify which template fields have configured something in the in the source:

select @@name, @Source from /sitecore/templates/#User Defined# //*  order by Source desc

Identify which template fields have configured an HTML Editor Profile in the source, very handy to easy get them equal:

select @@name, @Source from /sitecore/templates/#User Defined# //*[contains(@Source, ‘/sitecore/system/Settings/Html Editor Profiles’)]  order by Source desc

More info and queries:, where you can find simple, advanced, update and delete examples

More info also on John West’s blog:

Query Analyzer is a really nifty and handy tool, which can save you so much time. Make sure you get familiar with it




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About the Author: I'm a Freelance and passionate Sitecore Developer living in The Netherlands. Running my own company Kayee Internet & Software Oplossingen. I am specialized since 2008 in Sitecore and Umbraco implementations. Sitecore MVP since 2011. Founder and member of the Dutch Sitecore User Group. You can follow me on twitter: @kayeeNL. My website: .


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