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Sitecore Webinar: Pipelines and Processors

This article is based on a Dutch webinar that I presented august 2012 and will refer to the video recording, slides, the How to documentation and used resources.

The video

You can watch the recording on Youtube.


The slides

The slides of the webinar are in English and are posted on Slideshare

How to

The code used in the webinar is from the Sitecore how to series; How to Track External Links with DMS.

In the webinar I explain how the processor is build, this is explained in step 2 of the How to: Track all External links with a custom Renderfield processor. But the How To also covers the creation of the Link.aspx page and building the report outgoing link report.


I selected the following resources where you can find more information about pipelines:

Please add a comment if you have more useful links about Sitecore Pipelines (I will update the post).


If you have any questions about the webinar, code or the how to please leave a comment.

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About the Author

About the Author: Pieter is Technical Marketing Manager for Sitecore Netherlands and owner of He has more than ten years experience with software developing in multiple programming languages and with different Content Management Systems. Before joining Sitecore Pieter was a lead developer for multiple Sitecore and .Net projects, he joined Sitecore in 2011 as an Solution Architect in The Netherlands, after two years as an Solution Architect he joined the Technical Marketing department. In the role as Techinical Marketing Manager he is responsible for the Global MVP program and the Sitecore technical branding strategy. You can follow Pieter on twitter: @pieterbrink123 or Google+ .


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