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New Sitecore Module: Sitecore Partner AboutInformation Module

Hi there,

I’ve just released a new Sitecore Shared Source module on the Sitecore Marketplace.

The Sitecore Partner AboutInformation Module shows Sitecore Partner information on the login page of Sitecore and in the About window in the Content Editor. Partners are usually very proud of their work, and with this module they can show who build this Sitecore website or platform.

More information about the module:

Module:        Sitecore Partner AboutInformation Module
Developed by:    Robbert Hock (Sitecore MVP 2010)
Company:    Kayee (

You can download the module and sourcecode from:

Sitecore Marketplace: Download the module in the Sitecore Marketplace

Github: Download the sourcecode here!

After package installation:

Go to sitecore/login/default.css and remove the fixed “height:195px;” on line (should be default 234, where #SystemInformation starts), so the rightbar on the Sitecore login page has enough room to show the Partner AboutInformation info.

#SystemInformation {
font:8pt arial, verdana, sans-serif;
/* height:195px; (COMMENT THIS CSS LINE!!!!!!) */
margin:8px 6px 0px 8px;
padding:0px 4px 4px 4px;
border:1px solid #d5d5d5;

Module configuration:

–    /sitecore/system/Modules/Sitecore Partner AboutInformation Module

You can configure a header, a website url, the partner logo and a slogan here.


Items installed by the package:

–     Templates under: /sitecore/templates/Sitecore Partner AboutInformation Module


Now be proud, and show the world who created such a stunning Sitecore website!





About the Author

About the Author: I'm a Freelance and passionate Sitecore Developer living in The Netherlands. Running my own company Kayee Internet & Software Oplossingen. I am specialized since 2008 in Sitecore and Umbraco implementations. Sitecore MVP since 2011. Founder and member of the Dutch Sitecore User Group. You can follow me on twitter: @kayeeNL. My website: .


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