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Display one personalized components on multiple pages

By on March 5, 2015 in DMS, Sitecore 7, Sitecore 8, Tutorials with 2 Comments

This week I had a meeting with Lars Wisselink from Lukkien and we were looking over one of our customer’s website implementation. I’ve noticed that they had the same personalized component running on multiple pages. When I asked Lars how they managed these components he explained they made use of the shared values of the template of the page. I thought this was a really nice solution to a question I get asked quite often.

The question I get asked is simple. “Is it possible to re-use a personalized component on multiple page, without having to redo the associated conditions”. As it turns out… it is possible.

Let’s start with a page type that is used for multiple pages:


Next switch to the content editor and select the page type we would like to use:

Template link

Within the Quick info field click on the teplate link and that takes you to the item template. Next select the Standard Values item:

standard value

In the content ribbon select the presentation group and select the details command:


Anyone familiar with Sitecore personalization pre DMS knows it’s also possible to add personalization directly on the componant layouts. So lets add a new component and personolize it:


After everything has been set correctly and the changes have been published we should be able to test the result. Navigate to any of the pages that share the same template on which we added the personalized component:


Next trigger the condition. In this case the condition will be met once I have visited a specific page:


If we now visit any of the pages that share the same template the personalization rule should have triggered:


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  1. Nice post!
    I’m currently looking at other ways this could be done. I think the problem with using the standard values is that most content editors/marketers will have limited permissions and won’t have access to this part of the content tree.
    Also, a general development practice is for developer to ‘own’ items under the template folder, and push these items out with each deployment. That would mean the next build would stomp any changes content editors may have made here.
    I suppose if you let developers do the configuration for you, then it should be all good, but marketers can’t/shouldn’t change anything from their themselves.
    – Sean

  2. Hey, I’ve used for previous client the standard values to create those “multiple” personalized components but as Sean said generally you don’t give access to that for content editors. What I’ve made, but still looking for a better solution is to create a page with a blank layout, which have a placeholder to put a personalize components then with a SubLayout i load this page with an ajax call.
    I don’t think it’s the best idea because you can have some repercussion on SEO if you are doing that with “content block” let’s say. I tried with the WebRequest to load that server side but it’s quite slow … if anyone already made something like that i’m interested 😉 Anyway, if your content editor does not need to edit those component which are on multiples pages (something on the header or else) , the standard value is for me still a good option 😉

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